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What is the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) and why should my child play in this league?


The BCSPL is a standards-based development environment for girls and boys aged U13 to U18 and is positioned as the highest level of youth development community soccer within BC. Its purpose is to bring together identified players from the BC Soccer membership in training and game environments that support overall development, as well as providing further opportunities for player identification into higher levels of play including, Provincial Programming, University, League 1 BC, Professional, and National teams programming and progressing into adult community soccer.

The BCSPL is also designed to support the development of coaches and referees, who are required to attain a minimum level of certification to ensure high standards are in place. This is complimented with ongoing technical support through the BCSPL Participating Clubs, BC Soccer, and Canada Soccer.

If your child is keen to compete in the highest level of youth development community soccer and/or aspires to represent their country, play at a university, semi-professional, or professional level, then the BCSPL is an environment that aims to support their development and offer opportunities for identification into these higher levels of play.

What is the goal of the BCSPL?

To be committed to a comprehensive approach to improve player development in British Columbia, ultimately, to make Canada a stronger soccer nation.  Part of the broad-based plan was the establishment of a two stream development process for the game.  Those streams are known as grassroots and high performance.  See for more information.

There have been eight franchises in the BCSPL since its inception, one from the Interior, one from the Island and the remaining six from the lower mainland. As of September 2022, the BCSPL will consist of 13 BCSPL Clubs, including two on Vancouver Island, one in the Okanagan and eleven in the Lower Mainland.

The BC Soccer Premier League website.

What are the developmental benefits of playing in the BCSPL?

The BC Soccer Premier League is built on the following guiding core principals of development:
  • To allow players to further develop their skills in a positive environment, this includes other technically advanced players playing within a competitive, demanding atmosphere.

  • To enhance the technical and tactical components of the players game through extensive on and off field training and education. To provide players with access to certified and experienced and professional levels of coaching.

  • To provide the players specific guidance in areas of nutrition, mental prep, physical fitness and post-secondary education.

  • To provide players leadership and information on life skills and promote the importance of commitment to excellence and citizenship.

  • To provide a healthy and safe training environment to ensure responsible and suitable development of the player.

For more information visit the BCSPL website.

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